Bolivar Artisanal Rum

100% Organic and Natural. Handmade, Small Batch, Artisanal Colombian Rum.

Bolivar Artisanal Platino

Handmade Virgin Rum from molasses and panela. 100% Organic and Natural.

Limited Edition PRIMER BARRIL

Reserve the Limited Edition PRIMER BARRIL “First Cask” bottle. Limited release of 300!!

All Natural Elements

  • Organic Cane
    Organic Cane
  • American Oak
    American Oak
  • Andes Climate
    Andes Climate

100% Handmade Artisanal Organic Rum, we use only the best raw materials and artisanal processes to create our signature rums.

  • Cultivation
    We select and harvest only the best quality organic sugar cane to extract the raw juice to produce the molasses and panela from which we make our rum.
  • Fermentation
    We combine the organic molasses and panela to form the base of our ferments, creating our high quality and unique flavor profiles.
  • Distillation
    Pot distilled for maximum body and flavor, using our traditional artisanal processes to extract the finest part (or “soul”) of the rum.
  • Maturation
    Aged in American oak barrels in the temperate climate of the Central Andes, for a perfect finish to a quality artisanal rum.


PRIMER BARRIL ◍ “1st Cask” bottle. Rum collectors and enthusiasts. Savor history with this limited release of 300!!

Bolívar is Art

It’s organic and natural, WILD with flavor. It’s style and fashion… SAVAGE with expression. Our gallery is the embodiment of the spirit of the Wild Mustang… Where art and culinary expression combine as one.


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